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Coming from different professional backgrounds, we all experience and feel the alarmingly low numbers of female angel investors and female investors in general.

At present, women are seriously under-represented in angel investing. Women own about half of the European wealth but, by various estimates, make up no more than a few percents of angel investors.

Female Angel Investors in Europe

Even though the number of female angel investors increased by 100% in the last 10 years, there are only 10% of women in Venture Capital in Europe.

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Why women angel network?


What does LUMUS Investment provide?

  • Empowering & Educating the community of female angels
  • Igniting investments into diverse founding teams
  • Creating opportunities to diversify the investment portfolio
  • Collecting and publishing essential resources related to gender distribution in investments and startups in CEE

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LUMUS is an investment club that provides education and facilitates high-potential investment opportunities in the CEE region.

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