LUMUS is an investment club that provides education and facilitates high-potential investment opportunities in the CEE region.


  • Maros Cincura

    Maros Cincura

    Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Lector, Life Enthusiast. Catch up with me @

  • Tom Cironis

    Tom Cironis

    Director & Investment Analyst & Co-Founder & Fundraiser

  • Nicolas Carteron

    Nicolas Carteron

    I write about politics, business, society and culture on Medium. For startup/business content, check my newsletter:

  • John McTavish

    John McTavish

    Currently an expat, occasionally a writer, always intrigued. Working with the makers of Robomongo to push the pace of digital product engineering.

  • Paulina Szyzdek

    Paulina Szyzdek

    VC & Angel Investing, Future of Work, Climate Tech, Diversity, MBA

  • Rob Doyle

    Rob Doyle

    Web Developer Specialising in WordPress, Digital Marketing and Freelancing | BSc (Hons) in Business Computing |

  • Nikola Polakova

    Nikola Polakova

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