• Maros Cincura

    Maros Cincura

    Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Lector, Life Enthusiast. Catch up with me @ www.bymaros.com

  • Nicolas Carteron

    Nicolas Carteron

    Entrepreneur, CFO, advisor. I write about fundraising, startup finance, and business strategy here and in my newsletter: fundraisedd.substack.com

  • Dr John Rose

    Dr John Rose

    I have been in Engineering and IT. I study the Philosophy of Gaia, the connected living Earth. A poet, I help people to think and write. I live to dream.

  • Coronavirus


    The status of Covid-19 such as confirmed, Death rate, Caused rate, Recovery rate of Coronavirus information(Covid-19) in the World.

  • Paulina Szyzdek

    Paulina Szyzdek

    VC&Startups, ScholarInResidence@ZaneVentureFund, Scout@FFC&@13 Ventures, Advisory@ Lumus& @ Hutchub,MBA www.investinginpassion.com https://twitter.com/Szy_Paula

  • Rob Doyle

    Rob Doyle

    Web Developer Specialising in WordPress, Digital Marketing and Freelancing | BSc (Hons) in Business Computing | robdoylecreative.com

  • Nikola Polakova

    Nikola Polakova

  • Leah Mathieson

    Leah Mathieson

    Australian lawyer. Living in Asia. Writing about Law, Finance, Wall Street & Startups. Echelon-1.com

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