CEO of We would like to change the world of accounting

Karin Fuentesova started working as an accountant at 23, she set up an accounting and tax office. During several years of working in the accounting sector, it was difficult for her to see intelligent people working most of their time on routine tasks, such as manual data entry of invoices into accounting systems.

1. How did you start with a startup?

That’s why I started to be interested in the automation of the accounting process. It turned out that automation has been a big issue that has bothered our clients too. While looking for a suitable solution, I found Rossum. I was immediately hired by Rossum as a Chief of AI Dataset.

Working at a start-up completely changed my perspective on building a company. I’ve been amazed by the process and speed of building a business from scratch.

The lack of integration partners for the solution such as Rossum in the market has led me to establish my own company. Digitoo is an application that automates the entire accounting process in three clicks. The supplier sends the invoices directly to our application, after approval by the client they will be entered directly into the accounting system. CEOs, CFOs have an instant overview of cash flow and can pay directly from our app.

Now, I work in the company as a Product Owner and CEO.

We would like Digitoo to change the world of accounting and make the world a better place.

2. What was the most challenging and best part of building a startup?

You cannot say what the hardest thing is. You solve challenging tasks every single day (looking for new team members, finding a new suitable investor, creating company culture, fighting your own ego, etc.).
I do not think it will ever stop. The reward for all of this is freedom and feelings of enjoyment and fulfillment.

3. Karin, what about your plans and vision for the future?

We would like to change the current paper world of accounting. We want everything digital and with one click. Our plan is to start here in the Czech Republic and then move to other parts of Eastern Europe.

4. Do you have any recommendations (books or podcasts) for founders?

My bible for the first year was Rework by David Heinemeier Hansson a Jason Fried. Other great books are Attitude 101 by John C. Maxwell focused mainly on integrity, Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, or Radical Candor by Kimm Scott from which we took over some ideas into our company culture.

5. Do you have any message or advice for females in our region who want to build their company?

It’s gonna be hard as hell. There will be moments when you will want to hide under the table or somewhere like a little girl. That’s why it is immensely important to surround yourself with great, honest, and better people than you are. I think only then your startup might have a chance to succeed.

Thank you very much, Karin, for the answers and good luck in the future!

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