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LUMUS is an investment club that provides education and facilitates high-potential investment opportunities in the CEE region.

Founder Talks with CEO Karin Fuentesova

Karin Fuentesova started working as an accountant at 23, she set up an accounting and tax office. …

Founder Talks with CEO Ajda Mrzel Kaluza

Ajda Mrzel Kaluza is a mother, a former banker and now she turned to the startup world. After working in a bank for more than a decade, she founded Arvio — a software company that develops tools for real estate professionals, banks, insurance companies,… and other people who are interested…

Gender Equality Talks with Jasmina Henniova — Investment Manager at 3TS Capital. Read the article below.

1. What does gender equality mean for you in the investment world?

I like to think more about gender diversity than gender equality. It is important to me that the investment world (and the world in general) is an inclusive one and that we have a…

Founder Talks with CEO Tea Vrcic

Tea Vrcic is the founder and CEO of the Roster. She is 26 years old, born in Croatia. She is passionate about 2 things in life: her startup and travelling. Her startup Roster is a software that helps SMEs automate their monthly expense reporting.

What is her story, how did…

What does Peter Gajdoš, Head of Venture Capital IPM Group think about gender equality in business? Read our newest article below!

1. Peter please tell us, what does gender equality mean for you in the investment world?

It means to mean equal access to capital and opportunities for women. Note: I believe the issue is not just women but also minorities (more of a US issue…

We took another interview and for this time with our amazing Paulina (Board Advisor at LUMUS)!

Paulina Szyzdek is an active angel investor and venture capitalist working with Zane Venture Fund as a Scholar in Residence, Female Founded Club, 13 VENTURES, and Clearbanc as a Venture Scout and she is…

What does gender equality mean for Daria Hvizdalova? She is an innovative technology specialist with a focus on process automation. AI evangelist and public speaker, passionate about science communication.

Funds and ventures with capable young women should offer more flexibility through the years in which they need that option. It may also be a good idea to invest in mentoring to promote role models. If women continue to drift away from the industry after a point when it becomes difficult to manage multiple life roles, the industry’s reputation as unwelcoming and risky for women will persist, making it difficult to attract the next generation of women.

Thank you Daria for your time and your interesting answer.

We bring another interview with a very inspirational man. Sergio Fernandez de Cordova — Chairman at PVBLIC Foundation & P3 Smart City.

What does gender equality mean for you in the investment world?

Gender equality means we need to actually focus on it and stop talking about it. It means we need to build the DNA of new ventures, businesses, and projects where we are balanced and equal from day one. The investment community for way too long has had an old habit of not being inclusive. We need more women to step up and lead the conversation and men need to support that. We will start to see change when the community starts to realize it's not only the right thing to do but can also be good for business.

Thank you Sergio for your time and your interesting answer.

The data show that businesses founded by women ultimately deliver higher median revenue than those founded by men as well as their exit rates are higher, making women-owned companies better investments for financial backers. Female-led businesses are also more likely to provide employment for their female counterparts.

That's the reason…

The fact is, that at present, women are seriously under-represented in the investment world. Women own about half of the European wealth but, by various estimates, make up no more than a few percent of angel investors.

For this reason, we decided to make an interview with inspirational women and…

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