#6 Gender Equality Talks — Jasmina Henniova

Gender Equality Talks with Jasmina Henniova — Investment Manager at 3TS Capital. Read the article below.

I like to think more about gender diversity than gender equality. It is important to me that the investment world (and the world in general) is an inclusive one and that we have a diversity of opinion. This you can only achieve once you include people of all various backgrounds, genders, age groups, etc.

I think we need to use an inclusive language in all communication, inclusive talent acquisition practices, and equally or even more importantly also talent retention practice. Last but not least I find the showcasing of role models very important so that other women know it is ok, accepted, possible, desired, and normal to be part of the investment world.

I think there is a lot of bias in society. Especially unconscious bias. And we women are also biased against other women — that has been proven and is somewhat natural since we grew up in an already biased world. At the same time, due to various awareness campaigns, there is also some positive bias for women (e.g. diversity quotas or female-only programs, etc.) which I don’t find ideal in the long-term but seem like a good tool during the transition time. I have high hopes that this will help us arrive at an unbiased world with not only legally equal chances but actually equal chances for women to fund and get funded.

Thank you Jasmina for your time and the answers.

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