#2 Gender Equality Talks — Lena Hödl

The data show that businesses founded by women ultimately deliver higher median revenue than those founded by men as well as their exit rates are higher, making women-owned companies better investments for financial backers. Female-led businesses are also more likely to provide employment for their female counterparts.

That's the reason why we bring another interview with a very inspirational woman. Lena Hödl — Managing Director and Head of Accelerator Female Founders.

1. Lena, please tell us, what does the gender equality mean for you in the investment world?

For me, it simply means that the gender ratio in the investment world represents the gender ratio in our “real world”. Both on the investors and startup side. I am confident that this would have a huge influence on the constellation of teams that receive investment.

2. What can be done to improve the participation of women in the investor sector in CEE?

We definitely need dedicated groups like LUMUS to increase participation! In addition, regular investment groups need to put in more effort towards attracting more female investors. The numbers will also continuously increase due to the ongoing improvement of the general economic participation of women.

3. And the very last question for you Lena, what is your opinion about Equal chances for women to fund and get funded?

I see two big challenges: The confidence gap (the average confidence of women is lower) and the competence bias (society applies higher standards when judging women). These two challenges definitely make it harder for female founders to raise funds and we see that in the numbers.

Thank you Lena for your time and your interesting answers.

LUMUS is an investment club that provides education and facilitates high-potential investment opportunities in the CEE region. https://linktr.ee/LUMUSinvestment